Quarter turn Electric Actuator

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Quarter turn Electric Actuator introduction

Electric actuator is a driving device that can provide linear or rotary motion. It uses some driving energy and works under certain control signals. The actuator uses liquid, gas, electricity or other energy sources and converts it into a driving action through a motor, cylinder or other device. Partial rotary valve electric device is a driving device for the valve to open, close or adjust and control. It is suitable for 90° rotary valves such as butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves and dampers.

Quarter turn Electric Actuator Features

A. Mechatronic Design with Small Size & Light Weight.

B. Planetary Gear Transmission with low tooth difference, high efficiency, stable transmission, high impact and vibration resistance and large transmission ratio.

C. Can be installed separately.

D. Use the state selection switch to set the input signal.

E. It is easy to adjust the working zero point (start point) and stroke (end point).

F. When the power is suddenly cut off, the valve core can be self-locked.

G. Certificates: CE, ATEX

Product Name Quarter turn Electric Actuator
Power Supply DC 24V, AC 110V, AC 220V, AC 380V
Motor Induction Motor (Reversible Motor)
Indicator Continuous Position Indicator
Travel Angle 0-90° adjustable
Material Die-casting Aluminum Alley
Protection Class IP67
Installation Position 360° any available direction
Ambient Temp. -20℃~ +60℃

Quarter turn Electric Actuator Torque(N.m.) and Model Selection

svasv (2)
svasv (1)

ActuatorInstallation Installation Site

1.Indoor Installation Precautions

·Please order explosion-proof actuator if the installation site has explosive gas

·Please explain in advance if the installation site has rainwater or in outside.

·Please reserve space for wiringmanualoperation and maintenance

2.OutdoorInstallation Precautions

·Please install a cover to avoid rainfall and direct sunliaht.Or use the actuator whose

protection level higher than IP67.

·Please reserve space for wiringmanualoperation and maintenance.

3.Environment Temperature

·The environment temperature should be in the range of-20℃~+70℃.

·Please install a dehumidifier when the environment temperature is below 0℃.

4.Fluid Temperature Regulation

When installed with valvethe temperature of fluid will be transferred to actuator.If the fluid is in high

temperature,the bracket connected with the valve should be specially processing

·Standard Bracket:fluid temperature is lower than 65℃ or without bracket

·Medium Temperature Bracket: fluid temperature is in therangeof100℃~180℃·High Temperature Bracket:fluid temperature is higher than 180℃.

Electric Actuator FAQ

Q1:Motor Don’t Run ?
A1:Check Power Supply Normal or not , Voltage Normal or not.
Check input Signal.
Check the control box and Motor damage or not.
Q2: The input signal doesn’t conform with opening ?
A2: Check Input Signal.
Readjust Multiplying-power to zero position.
Readjust the Potentiometer gear.

Q3: No Opening Signal ?
A3: Check Wiring.

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